Streamline your Business Relationship with your Customers with Clover CRM

August 25, 2020

Do you know 9 out of 10 businesses fail during their initial stages because of poor interaction with their customers? Now, if we drop down to our discussion on what are root causes of poor customer interactions, then, it’s primarily due to poor understanding of what do customers actually expects from the organizations, what are the issues that they have been facing and ignorance shown by the organizations on the feedback shared by the customers. So, what are the challenges that are faced by organizations, while establishing great relationships with their customers? Well, there are a number of challenges that are faced by the organizations while strengthening the B2C relationships with the customers and here we will be talking about those challenges, along with the significance of Clover CRM, that helps such organizations to come out of these challenges.

Challenges faced by Organizations while setting up B2C Relationship with their Customers

From adequate market research to the implementation of productive methods, everything is important for achieving the desired results. However, the majority of the businesses complain that they do not have any interactive platform that would allow them to manage their relationships with the customers. Here are some of the challenges that are faced by organizations that affects their relationships with their customers:-

Poor Lead Management

One of the reasons behind the failure of the majority of the businesses is the poor lead management, which leads to poor understanding of who are the potential customers and whom one must focus on.

Failure in Identifying the Opportunities

Another factor that leads to poor B2C relationships is no identification of leads, which voids the organizations to find the right customers and follow up with their concerns.

Inadequate Feedback Management

While it’s very important to seek feedback from the customers, its even more important to take a follow up on it in a minimum timeframe. But, it generally happens that organizations fail to take a follow up in the required time, due to non-availability of any system to manage it all.

How to overcome these challenges?

On close observation on all the above mention challenges that are faced by the organizations, one of the things that are quite common that one would surely find is the unavailability of a customer relationship management system, which hampers them from establishing a great relationship with their customers. In this frame, we have come forward with the Clover CRM, to help the businesses manage their relationships with their customers. Here are some of the key features of one of the best CRM softwares, Clover CRM that makes it a great choice:-

Opportunity Management

To begin with, Clover CRM allows the users to prepare a lead score for each customer and accordingly identify, who is more likely to convert into a lead. It thereby helps the users to keep a track of the areas where they need to spend most of their time, and reap great results.

Lead Management

Another interesting feature that makes Clover CRM, the best CRM softwares is its ability to provide a complete description of each of the customers like their lead scores, demographic location, preferences, and helps the businesses to decide, whether they shall proceed with it or not.

Quotation Management

Preparing the sharing quotation for the requested service can be troublesome, with an adequate system. In this frame, Clover CRM, which centralizes the process of creating and sharing quotations, allows users to manage it well. This eventually makes it the best CRM software to have!

Inventory Management

Besides being one of the best CRM software, Clover CRM offers another interesting feature, Inventory Management, which allows the users to manage their sales and purchase orders with ease.

Set Reminders

Next, if you ever miss completing an important task, then, you need not worry! Clover CRM is loaded with another interesting feature that reminds you of all the tasks that you haven’t completed.


Clover CRM is thereby a single interface for small businesses and large enterprises, who wishes to strengthen B2C relationships. Loaded with a variety of features, Clover CRM is the ideal choice for all those who have been struggling with poor market sales, unhappy customers, poor customer engagement, and other such issues. These features together make customer relationship management a lot easier and make the Clover CRM, the best CRM software for all the businesses.