Strengthen your relationship with the customers with Clover CRM

August 5, 2020

Whether it’s about identifying potential customers, treating existing customers, managing inventories, processing quotations, or setting up a reminder for an important task, one cannot do that all without an efficient CRM software. Taking this discussion further, here we will be talking about one of the leading CRM software brand, Clover CRM.

Why choose Clover CRM?

Clover CRM is a single interface for small businesses and large enterprises, who wishes to strengthen their relationship with their customers, generate more leads, manage inventories, process quotation, track orders, and shipments and analyze their market sales, in a more concise and simplified manner. Here are some of the reasons why choose Clover CRM over the other similar platforms.

Manage Opportunities

Identify the users who are most likely to turn into your customers on the basis of the lead score, keep a track of the areas where they spend most of their time, and optimize your sales process.

Manage your Business Leads

Manage the process of determining the best customers to follow up and generate more business leads by identifying psychographic and demographic factors, and lead score.

Create and share Quotations

Centralize the process of creating and sharing quotes or proposals with the customers, track the customer’s feedback, and revert to it from the single interface with more ease.

Manage orders and track inventories

Manage sales and purchase orders, create efficient reorder points for the required products, keep a track of information about shipments, and much more with this feature.

Set reminders for the important tasks

Never miss an important task, which you wish to complete in the near future, simply set a reminder, and let Clover CRM notify you about it, prior to the deadline.


In addition to the above-discussed CRM features of Clover CRM, it also offers an option for customization, which may be availed to get the software features designed as per the business requirement. Explore more about Clover CRM and empower your B2C relationship.